Haig Housing’s policies are summarised in the PDF files below. The information is also provided in the Tenants Handbook and Information Pack issued to you by your Housing Manager at the start of your tenancy.

The information here supersedes any former information prior to April 2006. Haig Housing is not a Registered Social Landlord therefore any references in the Pack referring to the Tenant Services Authority are no longer relevant. Full copies are available on request.

Please note: As of January 2017, all policies are under review. The information stated in the policies may now be incorrect. If you have any queries, please use the Contact Us form or call the Trust on 0208 685 5777.

Abusive/Threatening Behaviour

Annual Visits

Antisocial Behaviour and Nuisance


Customer Service Standards

Contractor Code of Conduct

Countering Harassment

Data Protection

Decorating Allowance

Domestic Violence

Equality and Diversity

Fire Safety

Gas Safety

Less Abled Assistance

Living in Your Home

Moving Out (Terminating Tenancies)

Mutual Exchange

Paying Your Rent



Rent Arrears

Rent Information

Rent Setting

Repairs and Maintenance: Our Policy

Reporting Repairs

Right to Repair

Service Charge

Succession Rights

Tenant Involvement


Vulnerable Tenants