Decorating Allowance

We give each Haig beneficiary an annual allowance of £100 per year for decorating*. If your rent account is in credit, you will be sent a voucher to spend at B&Q

To claim this:

  • Please apply in writing to or call 020 8685 5777 and ask for our Finance team who will send a form to you
  • Once we’ve checked that your rent account is in credit, you will receive a voucher to spend at B&Q
  • If you want to use your own decorator, please send a copy of the decorator’s invoice and Haig will pay you the equivalent of your allowance

Your annual allowance is available on the first anniversary of your tenancy start date, after which your annual allowance is added each April and will accumulate to a maximum of £300

More details are here

*Your rent account must be in credit for a period of six months, there must have been no other breaches of your Tenancy Agreement for six month and you must have no other monies owed to the Trust. This allowance is not available to non-beneficiaries or market-let tenants