As part of Haig Housing’s sustainability drive, we have teamed up with Switchee to roll out smart thermostats to all homes. 
What is a Switchee smart thermostat?
  • A Switchee smart thermostat is a touch-screen, connected thermostat for your heating and hot water that doesn’t require WiFi
  • Your Switchee smart thermostat will help you optimise energy usage, lower bills and reduce energy consumption – good for you and good for the environment
  • It’s a simple, easy to use device that gives you greater control – you can set your heating/hot water to suit your individual needs
  • It has a touch screen so you can control your heating and hot water and set schedules
What will this cost?

It’s all part of Haig Housing’s sustainability drive so the cost of the device is completely free to Haig residents. Although there is a small cost to run, approximately £5 per year, it is estimated that a Switchee thermostat will help you save up to 17% on your heating bill.

What will happen next?

The roll out will happen from September 2023 and it will take up to 2 years to complete the roll out to all of our properties.

You will be contacted by a Switchee Trusted Installer called Project Heating Solutions to arrange a time to install your smart thermostat. Installation should take no more than two hours (in many cases it can be done in under one hour). On the day of your installation the installer will need to turn off your electricity briefly so that they can safely install your new thermostat. Where possible the installer will try and utilise existing wiring from any thermostat already in place to help minimise any disruption in your home. Once the installation is complete your installer will provide a demonstration of your new device and also explain how to use it. They will leave you with user guides and further details.

What if I’m not technical?

One of the key reasons we chose the Switchee smart thermostat is that it’s very simple to use. There will be help at the end of a telephone and online and there is an app will enable you to remotely set the device but it’s not necessary to use this for the system to work.

Why is this important?

Many housing providers are installing smart thermostats in their homes to help residents heat their homes efficiently. It gives us data and insights to identify if your home could be at risk of condensation, damp and mould developing, meaning we can act sooner. As with many other smart devices, it is equipped with a simple communications tool – if you receive the occasional message from us, the screen will light up to prompt you and you can reply at the touch of a button.

Where do I get more information?

You can refer to the Switchee User Guide or click on the poster below.