Reporting a Repair with Haig

You can report a repair Monday to Friday (9am – 5pm excluding bank holidays) in the following ways:

For gas emergencies or if you smell gas, please call 0800 111 999.

When reporting a repair, please have the following information available:
  • Your name, address and flat/house number.
  • Photographs are really helpful when a repair is raised. Please provide photos via email when possible so our team can pass these onto our contractors.
  • A full description of the problem and what you feel may be required.
  • What has caused the problem and what damage is being caused.
  • Details of how you can be contacted to make an appointment such as your work, mobile or home telephone number
  • Information on any specific appointment requirements.
Out-of-hours emergency repairs (excluding heating repairs):

The out-of-hours (OOH) emergency service is available 365 days a year. To report an out-of-hours emergency please call 020 8685 5777 and you will be transferred to the OOH team at Crawford and Local Assist. When reporting an OOH emergency repair please advise Crawford and Local assist that you’re a resident of Haig Housing.

OOH Service times.

  • Weekdays : 5pm to 9am
  • Weekends: 24 hours
  • Bank holidays: 24 Hours
Gas heating repairs (24 hour service):

Please report any heating repairs directly to your allocated heating contractor. You should have been advised of your allocated heating contractor when you signed your tenancy with Haig. If you’re unaware of the allocated heating contractor for your home please call 020 8685 5777 or email us at

For heating repairs, please contact Robert Heath Heating at 0330 058 6481.

Contractor change:

If your gas heating repairs and servicing were covered by TSG this changed from April 1 2022. Robert Heath Heating will carry out any new repairs from April 1 onwards. Due to the advance booking of gas safety inspections, you may receive a call from Robert Heath Heating prior to April 1 to arrange the service visit. Please note that any repairs reported to TSG before April 1 will be managed through to completion by TSG, even if the completion is due after this date. An update letter has been sent to all homes transitioning from TSG to Robert Heath Heating.