Complaints, Comments and Suggestions

All feedback is important to us and helps us improve. It’s as important that you tell us when things have gone well and when they have not: we can learn from that too.

What is a complaint?

Haig’s complaints policy is aligned to the Complaints Handling Code by the Housing Ombudsman Service. The service is set up by law to look at complaints about housing organisations. The service is free, independent, and impartial. Haig Housing pay a membership fee to The Housing Ombudsman Service as we aim to provide the best practice in this area.

The complaint definition provided by the Housing Ombudsman is “an expression of dissatisfaction, however made, about the standard of service, actions or lack of action by the organisation, its own staff, or those acting on its behalf, affecting an individual tenant or group of tenants.”

We will ensure that:
  • Complaints will be dealt with impartially, objectively and professionally. We look to resolve a complaint in the most efficient way and provide excellent tenant service.
  • Complaints are easy to make and that the process is understood by our tenants and others that may want to make a complaint such as an advocate, friend or family member or any third-party person. Where representatives are involved data sharing consent will be required from the tenant.
  • Making a complaint will not adversely affect the way in which a complainant is treated by Haig Housing. If legal proceedings are involved, we may suspend the complaint pending conclusion of that process.
When we contact you:
  • We will be professional, helpful, polite, respectful and honest in all our dealings with you
  • We will use plain English and avoid jargon to make sure you fully understand what is happening
  • We will introduce ourselves to you (name and position) and we will show you our official identification when/if we visit you at home
  • We will respect your right to privacy*

* Please be aware that our staff have a duty to report any issue where they may be concerned about the wellbeing of a child or vulnerable adult

If you would like to register a complaint, you can fill out the digital form below or print out a downloadable form. When telling us about your dissatisfaction, please provide us with as much information as you can to help us investigate the issue.

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