Finding suitable accommodation after you leave the Armed Forces can be a long and difficult process. We understand this so we would like to help with your transition by giving you as much useful information about our services as possible. Our website offers a wealth of information regarding our application process and services however if you have a particular question, please use this form to ask.

For example, you may use this form if you are due to leave the Force over the next few years and need to find out your options in terms of civilian housing.

You can also use this enquiry form for any questions you may have about applying for General Needs Housing.

If you are interested in the Shared Leasehold Scheme, please use this form to register your interest. Before you submit your enquiry to the Operations team, please ensure that you have read the Shared Ownership Illustration.

In your enquiry for the Shared Leasehold Scheme, make sure you include the following information:

  • Your service details (Rank, Corps/Regiment, Service No., Date of Enlistment)
  • Spouse or partner’s details if applicable (include contact numbers and email address)
  • Details of your dependants if applicable (include age, whether living with you full-time or not, their relationship to you and their education and/or employment status )
  • Date and nature of the injury you sustained whilst in service
  • Prognosis (if known)
  • Date of Medical Board and Discharge from DMRC and HM Forces (if known)
  • AFCS and Insurance Payments (received or expected)
  • How you would like Haig Housing to help you.
  • Preferred Area of Living

THIS FORM IS NOT AN APPLICATION FORM. If you wish to apply to apply for general rented housing, please access the full application form through the Apply Now tab.