General needs housing

Haig Housing offers affordable housing to the Veteran community, whether single or with family, in housing need. If you would like to find out about your eligibility, please read our Application and Property Allocation Guide.

With a history dating back over 100 years, Haig Housing now owns over 1,500 properties across 50 estates which can be found all over the UK. The properties are a mix of family sized houses, and smaller houses, flats and maisonettes. Each estate is managed by a Housing Manager alongside a Grounds Maintenance team (in some areas this is delivered by contracted services) who ensure the communal areas are kept in a good condition.

Haig Housing does not offer sheltered, residential or nursing home accommodation – here are details of other support organisations which provide housing for veterans

If you are interested in applying for general needs property, please go to the How to apply page.

We also understand that no case is the same and if you require more information, advice or assistance than is offered on our website or you are interested in the Trust’s properties but cannot make an application at this time or have a specific question which affects your application please contact us.

To find out more about where our estates are located, please use the Location and Property Search.

Housing for wounded, injured or sick service personnel or Veterans

The Shared Leasehold scheme enables wounded, injured or sick Service personnel (currently being or recently medically discharged from the Forces or Veterans) to jointly purchase, with Haig Housing Trust (HHT), a property for them and their family. Where the beneficiary has or will receive compensation or insurance, it enables the purchase of a shared equity option, possibly leading to full ownership by beneficiary stair-casing options.

The scheme aims to enable:

  • Purchase of a home in a suitable location close to family, friends and support networks
  • Purchase of a bungalow (usually more expensive) or a larger property if it is necessary to accommodate a through-floor lift
  • Acquire a property whilst still serving but before final AFCS / insurance payments have been received to allow any aids and adaptations to be completed by the MOD before discharge, and offsetting the rent charged again

If you are interested please contact the Housing Options team on 020 8685 5777 option 4

In your enquiry for the Shared Leasehold Scheme, make sure you include the following information:

  • Your service details (Rank, Corps/Regiment, Service No., Date of Enlistment)
  • Spouse or partner’s details if applicable (include contact numbers and email address)
  • Details of your dependents if applicable (include age, whether living with you full-time or not, their relationship to you and their education and/or employment status )
  • Date and nature of the injury you sustained whilst in service
  • Prognosis (if known)
  • Date of Medical Board and Discharge from DMRC and HM Forces (if known)
  • AFCS and Insurance Payments (received or expected)
  • How you would like Haig Housing to help you
  • Preferred Area of Living