Do you have trees on a HAIG Estate

Haig Housing Trust Tree Survey - Survey Form

Haig Housing is collecting details of trees in tenant’s private gardens; the trees within any communal areas are regularly surveyed. The aim of the survey is to record details such as the location and condition of any tree with a trunk diameter greater than 75mm at 1.5m from ground level (this is roughly classed as the thickness of a can of beans at chest height, guide enclosed). Any works required to the trees presenting a risk to person or property will be given a priority and added to a programme for any remedial works to be carried out. Please note that this survey deals primarily with safety and does not prioritise pruning to clear TV/satellite reception, minor shading, and leaf litter issues etc.
If you do have trees on the estate where you live, we would appreciate it greatly if you could take five minutes and fill in this survey form.

Thank you,
Marcus Forster Horticultural Services Manager