Please download form required.

Next you have 2 options:

1. Print the form and fill it in manually returning to Haig via post or email if you have a scanner

2. Fill it in digitally within Adobe - Press here to download if you do not already have it.

  • please note that using the Signature option within Adobe is allowed and should be the last thing filled in as it will then lock the form.
  • Return it to Haig via email to

If you require any assistance with these form please contact your Housing Manager

Contact Details Form

Disturbance Claim Form

Home Loss Compensation Form

LHA Consent Form

Subject Assess Request SAR Form

SSAFA + Veterans Charities Authorisation Form

Tenant Consent 3rd Party Form

Tenant Improvement Request Form

UC Data Protection Consent Form

Veterans Charities Authorisation Form

Complaint Form