Haig Housing hasn’t just given us a home, it’s brought us a life!

Surrounded by family photographs of two happy, healthy, smiling boys, Brian and Laura from Norwich tell their story of the lifeline provided to them by Haig Housing.

Brian served in the Royal Logistics Corp from 2006 to 2012 and the couple are extremely thankful to have now found a home which suits their growing family. Their boys, Jake, aged 14 and Ethan, seven, are both autistic and when they were living in a small housing association house, life was a struggle. Hit by unemployment, illness, mounting debts and lockdown, Brian and Laura, like many others, found it harder and harder to cope.

They reached out and the Royal British Legion and Haig Housing stepped in to help. They moved into their Norwich home in April this year and their lives changed overnight.

“We had literally nothing when we moved; debts were snowballing and we didn’t know where to turn.”

RBL helped them manage their debts, Brian found work with a local Veteran friendly company and Laura started a course.

Both boys now have their own rooms which suits their needs. “Our life chances have gone from zero to a billion” says Laura, “everyone on the estate has been so friendly and we’ve settled in really well.”

“The boys are both flourishing. They are doing well at their new schools and have made friends on the estate” adds Brian “Haig is wonderful, the boys are thriving and we are optimistic about the future. There is a real feeling of community here and the banter is amazing”.