BLESMA limbless Veterans embrace the thrill of adaptive skiing at La Plagne: a winter wonderland of inclusivity and courage!

In a heart-warming and inspiring initiative, the BLESMA Limbless Veterans charity recently organized a transformative winter sports activity at La Plagne, inviting 23 Veterans to experience the exhilaration of adaptive skiing.

Amongst the participants at La Plagne was Andrew Haugen, a beneficiary of Haig Housing. Take a look below at his testimonial on the thrilling experience:

Embarking on a recent winter escapade with the BLESMA Limbless Veterans charity to La Plagne proved to be an unforgettable journey of resilience, camaraderie, and adaptive skiing excellence. BLESMA Limbless Veterans seamlessly coordinated a transformative experience for 23 veterans, ensuring every detail was thoughtfully planned. The emphasis on accessibility and individualized experiences set the tone for a trip that would be etched in our memories.

The crown jewel of the La Plagne experience was undoubtedly the Oxygen Ski School instructors. Hailed as some of the best in the world, these experts in adaptive skiing and winter sports for individuals with disabilities showcased a rare blend of expertise and empathy. Their personalized approach ensured that each veteran felt not only safe but empowered to embrace the thrill of the slopes. The provision of adaptive equipment tailored to individual requirements added an extra layer of support, allowing us to push our limits and conquer the challenges of the snowy terrain.

In conclusion, the collaboration between BLESMA Limbless Veterans and La Plagne was a resounding success. The well-organized trip, disability-friendly accommodations, and the unparalleled expertise of the Oxygen Ski School instructors combined to create an environment where limitations transformed into opportunities for triumph. This journey stands as a shining example of how adaptive sports can be a powerful vehicle for empowerment, joy, and the forging of lifelong memories.”

Andrew Haugen


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