Fundraising Complaints

If your complaint is about our fundraising activities and we are unable to resolve it to your satisfaction using our complaints policy, you can ask the Fundraising Regulator, the self-regulator for fundraising in the UK, to consider it.

You can read the Regulator’s information about making a complaint here:

You can submit your complaint to the Fundraising Regulator by:

  • Using the on line complaint form situated on the Fundraising Regulator website; this includes a number of initial questions that specify what sorts of complaints can be made to the Regulator and which should be made to other bodies.
  • Calling the Regulator on 0300 999 3407
  • Writing to them at: Fundraising Regulator, 2nd floor, CAN Mezzanine Building, 49-51 East Road, London, N1 6AH

Haig Housing Trust is a registered member of the Fundraising Regulator and we will abide by their decision. Please be aware that the Fundraising Regulator states that complaints should be made to them within two months of the organisation you are complaining about.

The Fundraising Regulator aims to acknowledge complaints within 2 working days of receiving them. If you do not agree with the Regulator’s final decision, there is no set process to appeal their decision, however you may request an external review if you can meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • If new material evidence is submitted after the Regulator has rejected a request to re-open an investigation. An explanation about why the previous request was rejected is required.
  • If there was a material defect in the process in which the final decision was made.
  • If there is an allegation that the final decision was manifestly unreasonable (eg it wasn’t made sensibly in regards to all the relevant facts).

Full details of the Fundraising Regulator’s Complaints Process can be found here: