All rent payment must be made in advance.

Rent is usually charged weekly, however in some cases is charged monthly.

You may choose the frequency in which you pay, however your account should always be in advance credit. For example if you pay monthly your account must be a month in advance.

Methods of rent payment

1. Standing Order

You may pay your rent weekly or monthly via Standing Order. To calculate the correct monthly amount, multiply the weekly rent by 52 and divide by 12. EXAMPLE: £60.63 x 52 = £3152.76 ÷ 12 = £262.73 every month

If you prefer to pay by this method, please contact the Income Team so that the appropriate form can be sent to you.

2. Online Payments

Rents can be made online through our payment service portal here—> ALL PAYMENTS

Please note you will need your unique reference number to register for this service.

3. By Phone with Debit Card

You can also pay over the phone using a Debit Card by contacting our Income Office at Haig Housing on 0208 6855777

4. Post Office

Payments can be made using your Payment Card at any Post Office in the UK. Payment can be by cash or cheque payable to “Post Office Counters Limited”.

5. Paypoint

Your payment card can also be used at any outlet displaying the “Paypoint” sign.

6. Local Housing Allowance (Formerly Housing Benefit)

Local Housing Allowance is usually paid every four weeks in arrears, by the Local Authority and should be requested to be paid direct to Haig Housing for your convenience and peace of mind.

7. Universal Credit Housing Element

Housing Element is usually paid monthly in arrears to the claimant. Any payments relating to your housing costs should be passed on immediately to Haig Housing.

If you need any help with making a payment or if you are having issues with payments, please contact your Income Officer at Haig Housing on 0208 6855777