Haig Housing Trust’s Shared Leasehold Scheme enables badly wounded, disabled or seriously ill Service and ex-Service personnel whose condition is Service attributable to become shared leaseholders of a suitable property. The scheme mainly assists Servicemen and women in receipt of compensation and/or an insurance payout.

Unfortunately since the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, there has been an increase in applications for housing with specific adaptations for disabled and injured Service personnel. It is a challenge for local authorities and other organisations to accommodate applicants in existing properties as the properties they have may not meet the veteran’s specific needs in terms of geographic location or appropriate adaptations. Haig Housing can focus on finding solutions to meet these specific needs and has, as of December 2016, successfully helped 50 veterans with challenging housing problems.

The scheme enables qualifying beneficiaries to:

  • be housed in a suitable property in a location close to family and friends
  • acquire a property whilst still serving but before final AFCS/insurance payments have been received, to allow essential adaptions to be completed by the MOD before discharge
  • acquire a suitable property before they have sold their own unsuitable property

    If you have been seriously affected by an injury sustained whilst in HM Forces, our Operations Team would like to hear from you and offer any help they can. Please send the team an enquiry through the I Have a Question form and follow the instructions carefully.

    To ensure you are eligible for our Shared Leasehold Scheme and to gain a better understanding about what the scheme offers, please read the Shared Leasehold Illustration document before sending your enquiry.

    If you would like to find out more about how the scheme has helped our veterans, please visit Our Heroes page.