World acclaimed photographer Rankin supports Veterans with a limited edition book. Buy yours today.

Haig Housing is proud to present Rankin’s limited edition book which showcases the photographer’s breath taking images of British, wounded ex-Service personnel.

If you would like to purchase one of the books, please visit the Coming Home Shop. Your support is greatly welcomed!

The portraits captured by Rankin are of wounded British Armed Forces personnel and veterans who have suffered physical and mental injuries, either whil in service or later as a civilian.

The images have been compiled in a specially designed limited edition book which tells their stories and will raise funds for Coming Home, the fundraising campaign for Haig Housing Trust. The world famous photographer offered his services to Haig Housing after his images of wounded soldiers were projected last year onto the iconic London landmark, the Tower of London, to raise awareness of the charity.

This book, called For Queen and Country, a testament to those who have served their Queen and Country. It forms part of the ongoing campaign to recognise and honour our heroes.

Rankin said, ‘It is impossible to even begin to comprehend what these men and women have been through, both in the theatres of war and their extensive recuperation periods. It made their bravery and zest for life all the more humbling. I made a conscious decision to photograph them against a white background with the focus on their faces - I wanted to strip away the stigma and show them as real people’.

Showing the real faces of our veterans, the individuals Rankin photographed have hit life-changing difficulties at a stage in their lives which has badly affected their housing situation. With an acute need for specially adapted housing and advice, Haig Housing Trust has been able to offer the majority of those included in the book a helping hand when they were desperately in need.

For instance, WO2 Fitzsimmons was injured on OP HERRICK 15 in December 2011 when the Husky armoured vehicle in which he was travelling was struck by an IED. One soldier was killed and another badly wounded by the blast. WO2 Fitzsimmons suffered a number of physical injuries including shrapnel and blast damage to his left hand, wrist and legs. He received a mild traumatic brain injury, and suffers from PTSD as a result of the incident.

Thanks to Haig Housing Trust’s Shared Ownership Scheme, WO2 Fitzsimmons has been able to become a part owner of an adapted property, which he shares with his wife and two daughters. The property enables him to continue in his recovery whilst also allowing his to forge a new civilian career in Health and Safety.

Angus James, known as Jesse, served for 21 years in the Worcester and Sherwood Foresters (later The Mercians Regiment). After being injured on exercise in Canada, he was medically discharged in 1999. Unfortunately he developed diabetes and initially had a toe removed but as his condition worsened, he had a leg amputated. His house was no longer suitable for his needs and he was unable to manoeuvre his wheelchair. Haig Housing Trust found and adapted another property which is jointly shared between Jesse and the Trust.

We are extremely proud of those mentioned above and of all the veterans who appear in the book. In 2016, we were able to house our 50th severly wounded veteran in a specially purchased and adapted home. In addition to this, throughout its 100 year history, the Trust has helped tens of thousands of ex-Service veterans and their families through the provision of affordable housing throughout the UK.

Brigadier James Richardson, Chief Executive of Haig Housing Trust, said, ‘The Haig Housing Trust is excited to be involved with this inspiring initiaticve. For 100 years, Haig has been providing homes for veterans in need. The demand for assistance continues to the present day with none more worthy than those young servicemen and women who have suffered life changing injuries. Coming Home, our fundraising campaign, helps us raise money for the purchase and adaptation of homes for these exceptionally brave people. Many will appear in this book as do supporters and veterans. We are grateful to Rankin for his generosity and support in making this happen’.

In December 2016, the Rankin photos enjoyed great success at the private preview and public exhibition held at Marylebone Motor Village in London. Following on from this success, the collection will be touring across the country in 2017. The dates and locations of the tour will be confirmed shortly.