In memory of Sir Captain Tom Moore, the 100 Challenge is for you to show your support.

In memory of Sir Captain Tom Moore, the 100 Challenge is for you to show your support. Why not get involved by challenging yourself, or with family and friends to do 100 something of your choice. This could be something you’ve always wanted to achieve, or have a go at a 100 something for fun. You could jog it, skip it, bake it or sing it. Any idea is a great idea and you’ll be helping to raise money for the Haig Housing Community.

Sir Captain Tom Moore’s message of hope and positivity was for each and every one of us across the world. This challenge is for you. A chance to rally your audiences and see the joy brought to your supporters as they complete their challenges whatever their passion or skillset.

It’s simple to get involved in Captain Tom 100, just four easy steps:

1. Talk about and share photos of your 100 Challenge on social media, and use #CaptainTom100 and #HaigHousing

2. Ask your followers to share on their social media.

3. Have fun completing your 100 Challenge and send your fundraising to Haig Housing on Just Giving

Challenge 100
Challenge 100

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting the campaign and also to remind you that 30 April to 3 May 2021 is just the starting line. Fundraising and challenges can continue way beyond that, so keep encouraging your supporters to dream up their challenges and raise lots of money for your cause. There is more information on the Captain Tom website.

Good luck and have fun!

Here’s a photo of some of our fundraisers previously supporting Haig Housing with their 100 walk.

Walking for Haig Housing
Walking for Haig Housing

Did you know Sir Captain Tom’s book is now out on Amazon - Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day: My Autobiography

Captain Tom's book
Captain Tom’s book