Find out what you can do for VE Day 2021

When and what is VE Day?

VE Day takes place on 8th May. VE Day stands for Victory in Europe Day and is the day on which Allied forces formally announced the surrender of Germany, which brought the Second World War to a close in Europe.

The military surrender was first signed on 7th May, but a slightly modified document with the final terms was signed on 8th May in Berlin.

Celebrations immediately erupted throughout Britain and more than one million people celebrated in the streets. In London, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth appeared on the balcony alongside Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

What can we do at home to celebrate VE Day?

Why not decorate your home in red, white and blue, and hold a ‘stay-at-home street party’, perhaps with a household picnic in the garden, by the balcony or just in the living room, remembering to continue to keep social-distancing rules firmly in place for any in the household who have been deemed ‘extremely vulnerable’ who must continue to be screened.

You could also hold a 1940s style afternoon tea party at home complete, also with home made VE Day bunting, original recipes, games, and educational and creative activities
for children:

Make your own bunting

Bunting template can be used each year.

Additional VE Day resources

Watch The Not Forgotten’s YouTube Channel.

Information on The Not Forgotten, visit their website.

On Facebook too.

We’ll meet again song words

The BBC has produced some VE Day episodes.

Educational Resources

The BBC has assembled a variety of resources.

The Imperial War Museum also has a number of online resources, not just limited to World War Two.

National Army virtual festival activities from 2020

Vying for Victory

National Army Museum Virtual Festival

English Heritage also produced some interesting information on the 2020 75th anniversary celebrations.