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The Long Walk Home 1918-2018


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Notes to Editors

Haig Housing (Haig), is a charitable housing Trust and the leading provider of rental housing for ex-Service people in the United Kingdom.

Across the UK, Haig has over 1,500 properties - mostly built in the 1930’s, 50’s and 90’s. Homes are situated on small, well managed estates of usually around 30 properties but that range in size from about 6 houses up to the largest estate in Morden of over 270 homes. Properties are a mix of family-sized houses, maisonettes and smaller flats, which are spread throughout the UK in over 50 different local authorities. Properties are available to qualifying beneficiaries at a charitable rent, roughly comparable to that charged by the local authority.

Haig also offers special housing solutions for severely wounded and disabled Service and ex-Service personnel. Homes are found and acquired in areas conducive to the needs and personal preferences of the individual, adapted to meet these needs and a shared ownership/rental scheme then agreed. This has the advantage in ensuring that the individual’s compensation package is not wholly and immediately spent on housing, while allowing a greater ownership share to be taken as circumstances change in the future. Of the 54 homes obtained in this way since the scheme was first established by Haig under the ‘Coming Home’ fundraising brand some 7 years ago, 18 have now been fully bought out. In this way we have been able to – and continue to - provide appropriate housing for those personnel and other Veterans in need of rebuilding their lives following traumatic life changing injuries.


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