Coming Home is Haig Housing’s charity fundraising campaign. The money raised through the campaign is used to provide specially adapted housing and support for injured ex-Service personnel.

Coming Home has the full support of Bryn Parry, the co-founder of Help for Heroes. Bryn said:

Our task is to fix up these brave young men and women so that they are capable of leading the rest of their lives. That’s where Coming Home comes in, by providing them somewhere appropriate and decent to live.

Coming Home takes over where Help for Heroes finishes

Haig Housing is one of two strategic partners of Help for Heroes.Through this partnership, Help for Heroes highlights cases that require specially adapted housing and refer them to us as the specialists in housing for Service and ex-Service people. Specially adapted homes cost £150,000 to £300,000, depending on location.

Many badly injured ex-Servicemen have already been provided with a home for life through Haig Housing Trust and the Coming Home campaign. Read their stories and see how your donation will make a huge contribution to people’s lives.

Property is an expensive business - please support us by making a donation now.