In addition to Walkers we need to recruit volunteers to assist in various teams, some of which will accompany the Walkers throughout.

Application Form

Some of these will require special skills or experience and some volunteers (primarily those who will not accompany the Walkers) may need to be based in the South East of England and be able to look
after their own daily travel and accommodation. As for other volunteers they will receive any equipment necessary and be provided with refreshments during their shift. They too will receive a unique commemorative gift on completion to mark their commitment and involvement.

These are:

Medical and Welfare team: 4-5, to include one Medical Officer, one physiotherapist, one paramedic and one counsellor who will accompany the Walkers throughout.

Road Marshals: 8 to assist with road safety and liaison on each of the 4 walk days, in both Belgium and England. We are asking for a minimum commitment of one day (two for the Belgian leg) and ability to attend pre-briefing in London before the event. In particular, we need 4 who can bring and use relatively rugged bicycles across sometimes hilly terrain.

Headquarters team: 6-7 to include event management, drivers, runners and forward logistics support.

Logistics team: 6 of whom 2 will contribute to the Headquarters team with the remainder assisting with equipment, meals and refreshments during the Kent leg of the Walk.

PR & media team: 4 runners of whom 2 will contribute to the Headquarters team with 2 based with the UK media team (who will not be volunteers). Their role will include assisting with VIP and celebrity management.

Fundraising and sponsorship team: 3-4 to support paid staff including with sponsorship and corporate liaison. Ideally at least 1 half-day per week on as many weeks as you are able to between August and November

At this stage we are asking for anyone interested in joining one of these Volunteer teams to put their names forward by completing and submitting the Application Form

You can also speak to The Long Walk Home Event Management team on 020 8685 5786 or 5770 if you have any questions or need more information.