Daily Coronavirus Bulletin

New Omicron restrictions in England mirroring the devolved administrations now in force although most other restrictions remain lifted.

Haig Housing is operating fully but with some service restrictions

Daily Bulletin Wednesday 1st December 2021


The Government in England has re-introduced on 30th November additional restrictions, largely mirroring existing ones in the devolved administrations, to safeguard against the new Omicron virus variant. These temporary measures (at least in England) require that face coverings must be worn on all public transport and in shops while also requiring that international arrivals take a Day 2 PCR test and self-isolate until they receive a negative test. Most other previous restrictions in England and the devolved administrations remain lifted although with some noticeable differences if you live in the latter: please follow the respective links below for more information relevant to you. However, caution remains the key word. While the vaccination programme and, especially, the current booster roll-out has made a significant difference in reducing the numbers who becoming seriously ill or need hospitalisation, numbers of weekly infections remain high, matched with some continuing deaths too. Travel restrictions, apart from the new Day 2 PCR test and self-isolate until negative requirement above, remain eased significantly although the wearing of face masks remains mandatory for air travel and most countries, including the UK, require acceptable proof of vaccination or a recent negative PCR test plus the completion of a current Passenger Locator form as an essential condition for entry. Travel restrictions and requirements remain liable to sudden change so anyone planning to travel abroad is advised to keep up to date on requirements and be prepared to be flexible. Wherever possible, travellers should ensure they have adequate travel insurance and read cancellation clauses carefully.

The coronavirus epidemic has had a significant impact on our lives and how the Trust operates but with the roll-out of the national vaccination programme, including the more recent booster, infection and mortality rates have declined significantly. Nevertheless, younger people who have not yet had both vaccination shots as well as others who have chosen not to be vaccinated should note the danger that the Delta variant of the virus brings not just to themselves (with the possibility of Long Covid symptoms in the future even if few may have been experienced while infected) but through the possibility of infecting others who, while fully vaccinated, may still be vulnerable. The arrival of the Omicron variant, about which little is still known, reinforces this. It should be remembered that vaccination does not provide 100% efficacy and that fully vaccinated people can still catch the virus, become re-infected, as well as ill (and, in some instances, die) and infect others.

Haig Housing’s Headquarters Office in Morden will remain closed for the present, with most essential work still being met by homeworking while partial return to work options for some staff are considered. Reception will therefore remain closed to personal callers and all queries should continue to be made by telephone or email. While we continue to operate this changed service, we will nevertheless work hard to ensure that our services remain as close to normal as safely possible.

We all know that much will remain different and that we must accommodate living with coronavirus, possibly indefinitely. The Government in England and in the devolved administrations will undoubtedly monitor the situation closely and the Trust will therefore continue to be informed by all Government guidelines across the UK.

Using that same sense of mutual responsibility that we remember from when we were in the military, I ask you all please to continue to exercise caution as the country approaches the Festive period. Flu remains a parallel threat to Coronavirus and those more at risk should ensure they get their annual flu vaccination too. Please continue to keep an eye out for your neighbours, especially during periods of cold or inclement weather, continue to follow closely Government guidance and, above all, do not take unnecessary risks - so that we continue to come through this together.


Alban Dobson House, Morden

Alban Dobson House is operating with reduced staff with most working from home. Please contact us by phone on 020 8685 5777 or by email to enquiries@haighousing.org.uk if you have any questions. A full out of hours repairs service continues to operate. With most restrictions now lifted, some staff may on a controlled basis return to some office working.

  • Staff and contractors who arrange to meet you will continue to wear face coverings and exercise social distancing unless you wish otherwise. Repairs will obviously continue to require access to your home under these conditions but if you do not wish an internal annual home visit when so notified, please inform us without delay so this may be discussed, and alternative arrangements made if appropriate.
  • Rent

  • We ask that you continue to make your rent payments so that we can continue our efforts to help our beneficiaries through these challenging times and to maintain your homes.
  • If you have difficulty in paying you should confirm that you have applied for all the Government assistance that is available. As we emerge further from the pandemic you should note that some support previously available from the Government in England and in the devolved administrations has been ended. If you have any concerns over meeting your rent you should contact our Income team without delay on 020 8685 5777, choosing Option 2, so we can offer you help, assistance and advice.
  • Whenever the Trust issues you with a rent increase notice, please remember to contact your bank or building society to increase any Standing Order you have in place for payment else you may go into arrears.
  • Universal Credit

    • PLEASE do not forget that if your rent has increased and you claim Universal Credit or Local Housing Allowance you must inform them of this change in your circumstances via your online journal or direct to your local authority respectively. Benefits will normally only backdate for 1 month, so it is important to action this quickly. Failure to do this may result in you going into arrears. This change will also need to be evidenced so if you need a copy of your rent increase notice, you should contact the Trust.
    • You can inform Universal Credit of a change to your rent from the Trust as follows:
    1. Log into your Universal Credit journal online.
    2. Chose, ‘Report a change of circumstance’.
    3. Chose where you live and what it costs.
    4. Click the button, ‘Something else’ - which shows your current charges.
    5. Click the green change button and enter your new figures and the date these changed.
    6. Save and exit.
    7. If you have any difficulties, please contact Universal Credit on 0800 328 5644.
    • If you are applying locally for Universal Credit, please note that Haig Housing Trust is a PRIVATE LANDLORD and not a Housing Association.

    Repairs and Maintenance

    • Please report all repairs by telephone to 020 8685 5777, choosing Option 1 or by email to enquiries@haighousing.org.uk. Calls will take longer to answer; please be patient as we will get to all calls in turn. Emergency and Urgent repairs will be prioritised with others undertaken as normal.
    • We will always respond in an emergency.
    • Our out of hours service remains available fully for emergency or very urgent repairs only but please listen carefully to any pre-recorded messages.
    • Contractors will continue to wear face coverings and exercise social distancing unless you are happy otherwise. Note that contractors will always follow those restrictions still required by some devolved administrations.

    Estate Visits

    • Estate visits by Housing Managers in person have resumed fully though face coverings and social distancing will be observed unless you are happy otherwise. Note that staff will always follow those restrictions still required by some devolved administrations.
    • We will inform you when stock survey visits recommence.

    New Beneficiaries

    • Sign up of new beneficiaries is back to normal and will continue to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

    Car Permits

    • Normal car permit requirements and their routine issue has resumed fully. Please contact your housing manager for further information should you need this.

    Please check back to this website regularly for updates.


    If you self-isolate

    If you self-isolate after being instructed to do so or are following Government guidelines, then please inform us without delay by telephone or email so that we can advise any contractor who may need to visit you.


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    Rapid flow tests are provided free by the Government, to be used if: you do not have coronavirus symptoms, you live in England, are 18 or older, have not been told to self-isolate or you cannot get tests from your work, school, college or university (ask them for rapid lateral flow tests). The test are available from: